Sunday, September 9, 2012

Ways to Recognize Fraudulent Products from Bags Distributors

By Marie Alvarez

Purchasing from bag distributors means that you also have to exercise research in spotting which items are fraudulent or not particularly if you are going to buy online. Purchasers expect quality for each purchase they make and they also desire to be able to experience purchasing with out getting taken advantage of. Make certain that the supplier that you are trying to purchase from has a legitimate physical address or contact number. This is actually a good indication that the distributor is available to calls of issues, queries as well as other problems, if there are any. It's a good idea to contact the distributor's phone number prior to performing business with them. You can also ask about return guidelines, shipping arrangements and warranties on the items that you're planning to purchase. Recognizing fake bags is quite a difficult habit if you don't know what to look for. Additionally, even professionals get fooled often. Here are a few tips on how to ensure that the bag you are buying isn't fake:


Scrutinize the zipper and the form of the bag. Original producers make sure that the zippers of their bags open and close properly and a lot of the designer ones have their logos embossed on not only the zippers but on all bag hardware. Likewise, you should also take a close look at the shape of the bag. Designer bag suppliers take great problems in creating proportional items using high quality materials. If a product seems a bit heavy on one side, it could be a fake bag. Furthermore, designer web sites usually disclose bag sizes and you should at all times ensure that the bags that you choose have the exact same measurement as those in the site.

Spelling and Quality of Prints

Look carefully at the tags or labels. Some items include files that have exquisite embossing, along with care labels. Additionally, determine if all spellings and logos are right. Some counterfeited products do not really place enough time creating quality labels and tags. Serial numbers are likewise embossed within the bag and you may verify the authenticity by inputting in the number for verification. Several bag distributors also drop trap on fake good shipping so it's not uncommon for many people to also get deceived by awful business procedures.


The product, whether fabric, leather or PVC needs to be stitched together proportionally and should not have stray threads and missed spots any where on the bag. Additionally, several bags have lining, while others do not. Also take note that some luxurious bag's linings are created from tough cotton that is never sparkly and is quite sturdy and thick to touch. Also, sewing should be specific so that the material should seem like one steady bag where cloth does not end. Louis Vuitton is a great sample of high-class bag designer that uses a single constant cloth with all of its items. This is the cause why only one side of an LV bag must have upright monograms, while the other should not. These are only several of the guidelines that you need to keep in mind before purchasing a brand new as well as costly bag.

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