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Viral Search Traffic - A Very Powerful Viral Traffic Generation

Viral Search Traffic - A Very Powerful Viral Traffic Generation

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Sunday, November 14, 2010

8 Legitimate Internet Businesses That You Can Start

There is so much information on the Internet about money-making ventures but what we are looking for here is to find a legitimate Internet business or any legitimate way of making money online at a minimal cost.

Here I Will Mention 8 Legitimate Works From Home Opportunities:

Taking Surveys - There are some legitimate survey sites that you can join for free. I wrote another article about free surveys. These sites will pay you for your time spent in taking surveys. You will not get rich by taking surveys because it doesn't pay much. But if you want an extra income you could try survey. Beware of other surveys that only want e-mail and personal information harvesting, and mainly for product promotion. A genuine survey should be mainly for product evaluation.

Article Writing - If you have a passion for writing there are many places on the Internet that pay you for every article you write. This is good if you need instant cash. Some have Google ad sense impression revenue sharing plus Amazon, Kontera, Chitika or eBay affiliate programs which will pay you for clicks and sales. This is a good passive income because, the more you write in a certain company like Hubpages the more you will earn a passive income from all the affiliate programs on your page.

Selling Products Online - This is the original business that people did a long time ago and never goes out of date. A long time ago there was this bartering or exchange of goods. People always buy new things. Things break, get lost, or just expire. People change; children grow, teens turn into young adults, then from adults to middle age, then to seniors. In every change people need new things. It is a continued cycle. So selling products online is one of the most profitable businesses thereof.

Affiliate Marketing - This has been a craze during the past 2 decades. Selling and promoting other people's products and promoting other people's business. This is a very profitable Internet business if done right. There is a higher commission here. That's why the market is saturated. It seems many people want a share of the big bucks.

Consulting Business - If you are an expert in a certain field, you could start an online consultancy business such as Divination, Wedding Planner, Web technology, SEO and affiliate marketing mentoring and others. This can be done online and offline too.

Industrial Cleaning or House cleaning Business - This can be started online but done offline. Because of the Internet it is easier to locate customers that you normally can't get offline.
Home improvement business - similar to cleaning business, the actual job is offline, but you can start online to find more customers.

MLM - there are some legitimate MLMs to join but this kind of business is best to join when the business is new because you will be at the top level. If you work hard you could earn a very good residual income. But if you join late and many people have already joined I think it will be a little bit difficult to build your down line. Having said that, remember that children grow, teens become young adults, so they are your new customers.

If you just take your time and do some research you will find many legitimate opportunities on the Internet. It is not easy to earn money. All the opportunities will require hard work. If you are willing to work hard and be persistent then you can be one of the successful people in the Internet business world.

Ideas on How to Boost Your Skills in Writing and Writing Speed


Creating article based on something that is in your heart is actually easy. Yet somehow the question is, "will your readers choose to read your article content or even listen as to what you have to say?" This is certainly a tricky issue due to the fact many people have varied viewpoints, a number might probably like your approach and some people may possibly not. Nevertheless , the standard of your writing, for instance the sentence structure as well as spelling and how passionate you may be regarding your ideas will most likely have an effect on the readers decision.

Readership wants to read an idea in which the article writer has understanding. People read your opinions as though you have a comprehensive experience of the area of interest which you are dealing within your article. So it is crucial for you to convey to your readers that you actually have an understanding of what you are sharing. One of the most important elements of good content creation in recent times is to have the means to produce professional quality articles speedily. There is always a method to help you create content article quickly. Initially you may need to be aware of and entirely grasp the subject. This is exactly why it is important to do your homework of your area of interest first.

It's important to write stuff that you understand or an issue that you may have practical experience about. This will become simpler and easier for you if you contemplate of the many situations that you encounter in your life, begin from there. Before you begin creating any article, you have to make sure that you educate yourself on the subject matter. At first it's going to be tough. It would take a lot of time to practice to write fast . Just think, you are speaking to somebody, the only difference is you're writing. Just like when you workout, you should set up time frame to do writing, but you should make sure you schedule your writing on a day-to-day basis. Believe me, it will turn out to be a whole lot easier if you write daily. You'll encounter a point in time that you will be in a fantastic vibe for writing, so it can be crucial to have a pen and paper handy to use whenever you have a creative concepts of ideas in your mind that you need to write. This is certainly the simplest way for you to seize any smart ideas that you may have. Just remember that we are apt to forget easily those unexpected impulse of thoughts that originated from our subconscious inner thoughts. If you write daily you're going to greatly enhance your writing ability and transform into a fast article writer before you know it.

Your articles also needs to be well organized, but how? Certainly, ideal time is essential when writing. Choose a time that you will have enough concentration, free of any sort of disruptions. A pleasant time to write is early in the morning after you wake up , in that way you will have a very clear head. Before you begin writing construct an outline first to the Overview of your document then in the middle section part is for the body of your article and then the last part will be the conclusion . If you create an overview , it can be much easier and faster to fill up the whole of the article with words. Sometimes I'd write a short introduction, then leave it for a while after which I'd write down one sentence approximately for the body of the post and then I'll pause and usually come back later on to completely finish the article.

Starting off an outline is a lot easier in my opinion for the reason that I can generate helpful hints a lot quicker from the outline. This format is a lot easier to figure out, making it easy as it can be. Personally, to make writing simple, similar to as you are speaking to an acquaintance is most advantageous approach to write. You do not necessarily need to write a complex article. On the other hand, there are also complicated and more technological subjects that needs to be written in a more commercial and technical way.

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Monetizing Your Website or Blog With Skadoogle

What is Skadoogle?    

Skadoogle is a software that can help monetize your website or blog by using Paydotcom and Clickbank products. Tim Brechbill and Ron Davies are the pioneers of this incredible software called Skadoogle. For me this is one of the legitimate Internet business that I'm trying to find and share with you. So far, since I joined this company, all I can say is praise and hope it will remain this way. It's kind of a funny name and I always mistype it as google instead of doogle, but a fantastic product that they came up with - Skadoogle.

I joined this company about one month ago and I like the information mall. It is loaded with Clickbank and Paydotcom products and are available right at your fingertips. What can I say except "Super." You will have your affiliate link embedded in your mall. I place a link to my "My Information Mall" which is located at the upper right hand corner of the page. You can also take a tour to the Mall and click below:

I would like to mention some of the features of the software:
  • Skatweets is my favorite. This allows you to tweet the products directly from Skadoogle to twitter. And if someone likes the product that you just tweet then you will get commission, a very convenient and faster way to do business.
  • Supply of free monthly articles that you can use for your business promotions.
  • And of course my favorite mall where you will find abundant of information products to sell.
  • There are lots of tools that will help you succeed in the business. Plus there are many more benefits that are offered to you even if you're a free member.
  • There is Niche100, Rss, and Video training.


There are few ways to join. First you can join for FREE if you want, you will still get commissions
even if you are a free member although at a lower rate and lesser benefits. And there is paid membership which you earn higher commissions and residual income, like the silver, gold and ultimate member. The ultimate member has the highest residual income. If you are an active marketer, I think ultimate member is the way to go.

Take a tour on the Skadoogle website and read all the benefits and advantages. Every months there are free articles you can use. There is also Link Sense that will automatically link keyword on your website or blog to clickbank and paydotcom products thru Skadoogle. Don't waste time, grab the opportunity to be a member of Skadoogle and start earning commissions.

Get Your Free Copy of This E-Book Courtesy of Skadoogle!

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Readbud: Read and Rate Articles and Earn Money

      What is Readbud? Get paid by reading and rating articles.     

Readbud is a website that offers to pay you for reading and rating articles. I found this website more than a week ago and I thought it would be a good idea to share my experience with you. I recently joined Readbud and have read more than 100 articles and some of them are very interesting and I enjoyed reading them. Of course some were not as good as the others. Either way you are paid by reading and rating them. 

Sometimes I read around 15 articles in one login. And then it would say no articles at the moment and come back later. Sometimes when you come back later there are more articles to read. As of now I can only get about 1 dollar or a little more than a dollar per day reading articles. I know it’s not much but I also enjoy reading some of the articles that have useful information. This is actually good for students who want to earn extra money for school at the same time learn something from the articles they are reading. Before you read an article it will show you how much the pay is and after you read the article you will see the amount added on the upper right hand corner. You have to read and rate the article before going back to the main window.

I have read somewhere on the Internet that said Readbud is a scam, but I wouldn't say this is a scam and it's too early for me to decide whether it is a scam or not. All I know is I am enjoying reading these articles and getting paid for it. Advertisers pay Readbud to advertise their products through contents links as you can see when you are reading the articles, and so Readbud shares to the readers the advertisement revenues.

The rewards that you will receive depends on the length of the articles. The longer the article the higher the payment, from 1 cent up to .20 cents per article that you read and rate.

These are some of the benefits of joining Readbud:

  • Free to join and a simple joining process. 
  • International availability
  • It shows you the amount they are going to pay you before you read the article.
  • It pays through paypal
  • You can redeem the money when you reach $50.
  • You have the opportunity to choose your topic interests, a maximum of 50 topics out of 191 topics to choose from so you will have the opportunity to receive more articles to read.
  • Referral program- you can refer friends and family and earn $5 for the first redemption they make. If you refer 100 friends and relatives you will be paid $500.
  • An affiliate program is available- you will earn $5 for every first redemptions made by a member you referred. If you refer 1,000 people you will be paid $5,000. 

The only disadvantage that I know of is the number of articles that are given. Sometimes you want to stay on the computer to read more and get paid more but it runs out of articles, but you can always come back and login for more. This is understandable because I think it would depend on their advertisers too. If they have more advertisers then I think they will have more articles to read and rate.

If you want to join Readbud just click HERE. It's free. Enjoy reading and get paid!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Blogging For Beginners

Let's Start Blogging.  Welcome to the Blogosphere!

Blogosphere is the community of online bloggers from around the world. Most of us have already been a member of the blogosphere for a long time and some just joined recently but some of us haven't really started yet. For people who haven’t started blogging yet, I thought it would be a good idea to write something about the basics of blogging.

More than 10 years ago, when blogging was just starting, most people would use it for their personal diary. But later on it evolved to new forms of blogging. Recently blog is used not only for personal diaries, hobby or fun but also used mainly to earn money on the Internet as a legitimate Internet business. Some people start a business blog. Its purpose is to grow a certain business and to connect with people who in turn buy the product that the blog site is offering.

Few types of blog that you can start:
  • Personal Blog -
                    This is like a personal diary, mainly about your daily life, experiences, hopes and aspirations, personal hobbies, and anything that interests you.
  • Business blog -
                    Usually people who owns an offline business would start a blog about their business promoting the it to a worldwide audience through blogging. Some people would start a blog for the purpose of earning money online through advertisements in their blog, getting paid reviewing products, or earning money through affiliate programs like Amazon, E-bay, ShareAsale, Clickbank, Commission Junction and Linkshare to name a few.
  • News and entertainment blog -
                    Some people will write a blog about the latest news and entertainment, latest celebrity news and gossips, sports news, and latest local headlines and international news headlines.                                         
  • Art and Craft -
                    People blog about their specialty hobbies, like painting, crochet, ceramics, decoration and so on.             
  •   Non-profit -
                    Even the non-profit organizations are now using blogs to promote the organization and share their cause to millions of people. People who want to donate can do so via the blog site of the organization. The non-profit blog is very useful for the organization to expand their projects because they can update information easily and relate to the public faster.
  • Niche blog-
                  The niche blog is about a specific topic that a person knows or has passion about. For example if he likes music, he could start a blog about successful singers, their life, success and songs. Or he could just write a blog about all kinds of songs that have been recorded. Another example of niche blog is writing about car repair and maintenance. If he is an expert in this area it would be easy for him to write this kind of blog.
    • Expert blog
                        As the word suggest, this is a blog written by people who have an expertise in what they are blogging about, example is car repair expertise, or computer technology expertise, gardening, kitchen remodeling and affiliate marketing to name a few.

    Usually a blog consists of a post or the entry that you post every time you update your blog. The new post will appear on the front page of your blog. The older post will be archived. The blog also consists of links to other websites increasing the reader’s satisfaction and experience with more information from other sources. Sometimes these links are used for money-making purposes so that when people click the link they are brought to another website selling products that the reader might need and buy. The comment feature of a blog is good for relationship building between the reader and the blogger.

    In recent years, the blog has dramatically evolved to a new level of blogging. Aside from written words of a blogger, they can now include photo blogs, audio contents or pod casting and videos or vlogs content. Photos and videos are very good content. It makes reading the blog more interesting. People tend to be visual beings and so when they see pictures and videos of what you are blogging about, then they are more satisfied and likely to come back to your website later on.

    Whether writing blogs are for fun, for earning money, for exposure to your business and networking, it is important to read other people’s blog especially related to your topic and learn more about the topic and the blogosphere environment and see what works and does not work. Reading other blogs will give you more ideas and information that will help you when you start your own blog. You will want to follow the example of a successful blogger. You definitely don’t want to follow the blogs that are not successful, but instead learn from it.

    Some personal blogs became so successful that the blogger now earns a substantial amount of money from their blogs. An example would be, but there are many others more who started small and became successful turning their blog into a full fledged business earning them a very good Internet income.

    Pros and Cons of Blogging:

    Pros -

    • Continued learning makes the person smarter. Reading other people’s blogs, researching books, magazines, and on the Internet are the key to improving knowledge and to find new ideas to write on your blog.                                                                                                                                
    • Blogging is a good way of expressing yourself and find enjoyment in doing so.                           
    • Whether you are a painter, photographer, an artist or a writer, you can freely express yourself in a blog.
    • It is easy to connect with people in a blog, people who have the same ideology and views as yours.
    • You have the chance to help people by sharing with them what you know.
    • You can promote your products in your blog, or you can do a self-promotion if you have a service to offer like a consultancy business.
    • You can earn money from your blog through advertising, affiliate programs, product reviews and selling your own products or products of others and so on.

    Cons -
    • It will take a lot of patience to blog. It will take time until you get some results. Your blog needs to have a lot of good contents before it can get a good ranking in search engines. And most especially contents that are useful to readers.
    • You must invest much time in your blog if you want your blog to be original, by doing a lot of research, reading, writing, publishing and 
    • commenting on other people’s blog and moderating the comments of your own blog. You will have to spend time advertising and back linking.
    • In order to be successful in blogging, you need to study and learn new technology, new tools and software that are needed to improve your blog.
    • Since blog is visible to everyone you should be concerned of your private information and to make sure that they will remain private.
    • Some people might leave nasty comments on your blog that may hurt you in some way. 
    In order to be successful in blogging one should:

    • Write good contents for your blog and write often. Quantity is good but quality is more important so take time to make sure that the contents of your blog are the best that you can write.
    • Always read books, magazines, articles, news and other people’s blogs on the Internet so you will have the current information.
    • Be passionate about what you write. Each of us has a unique way of expressing ourselves. We have our own unique voice and people will recognize that voice when they read our blog.
    • Be active in the community of bloggers; give good comments to other people’s blogs and moderate comments in your own blog. 
    • Promote your blog by doing some back linking. You can write an article and submit to ezine article, go article and other article submission sites and link your blog site on the resource box. So when people click the link they will be taken to your blog site.
    • Join Hubpages, Xomba, Shetoldme, Squido and other article writing sites and link your website to your article.
    • Be active in social networking like facebook, twitter, myspace to name a few and have a chance to expose your blog to millions of people.
    • Submit your blogs to blog directories such as technorati, blogarama, blogcatalog, pingomatic, blogtoplist and so on.
    • Submit your blog to social book marking like, technorati,, stumbleupon and reddit to name a few. 
    • If you have the technological knowledge in video making you can upload video to you tube and link your blog site to your video for the world to see and click.
    These are just few basic blogging information. We will discuss more blogging ideas next time soon.

    Saturday, September 18, 2010

    Philippine Coconuts - The Copra Making Process

    Philippine Coconuts -The Copra Making Process



    Thursday, September 16, 2010

    The Life of a Coconut Farmer

    Here Is a True Story of What Life is Living in One of the Many Coconut Plantations.

    For me, coconut plantation is one of the nicest places to live in the world. The place has a very exotic view. When you look at the coconut trees you will think they are immortal especially when you look at the very tall ones. High above, you can still see it is bearing fruits even after more than half of a century. There was a coconut farmer and his family who owned about 2 parcels of coconut lands at first. That was not enough to support the family so he worked hard to make ends meet, at the same time saving more money as days passed by and bought more coconut land. These are the things the family did in order to succeed:

    Raising Chickens

    Raising chickens on the farm was easy. The farmer just fed them with rice-in-husk or corn kernels in the morning and off they go. The chickens had no cage. They were free to roam around anywhere they liked and come back home in the afternoon. There was a tree close to the house that had many branches. When the chickens come back, they would fly up to the tree branches and sleep there. Every morning the chickens would come down from the tree, makes noises and gather around in front of the house waiting for their food. If there was no food in the morning, they would just slowly disperse away and look for food in the grass and bushes. The family would plant corn so they wouldn't need to buy chicken feed. It was very easy to raise wild chickens because you don't really take care of them like caged chickens.

    The Hen Lays Eggs.

    While raising chickens, the family also let some of the female chickens lay eggs. There was always a rooster in the group to breed the hens. They never used any chicken feed or hormones so their chickens were organic. When the hens were about to lay eggs, the farmer would build a shack for the hens and build nests out of coconut leaves. He cut the coconut leaves in half lengthwise, removing the thick spine of the leaves, and weaved the leaflets. After weaving, he rolled them to form a nest and tied the end of the nest with string. He then hung the nests inside the shack. He would lead the hens into the nests once or twice until they laid the first egg. Once they laid an egg, they would know where to come back to lay their second egg. After hatching the eggs, the hen will stay with the brand new chicks to keep them warm all the time. The hen can't fly to the tree branch without the chicks, so the hen stays with the chicks on the ground inside the shack. The family would sell some of the chickens and eggs in the market but keep some for food.


    Raising Pigs

    The farmer and his family didn't raise many pigs because of the manure problem. Just two pigs at a time; one for food and one for sale. Raising pigs was easy as well. Just put a leash on them and tie the leash around a tree under the shade and away from the house. During hot days the farmer would bring the pigs to the creek so they could take their bath. They like to bathe themselves just like elephants do. Unleashing the pigs once in a while was good. That way they can walk around. They always come back home for more food. The farmer's wife didn't spend much money to buy feed for the pigs because she didn't have to. They would cut down a banana tree and peel off the outer layer of the bark then slice the trunk finely and cut it into small pieces. It was then mixed with fine rice husk and water or any left over soup and fed to the pigs.

    Buying more Coconut and Vegetable Lands

    Once the family saved some money, they bought more coconut land in the nearby area. Some of the lands were already planted with taro or "gaway". Taro grows and multiplies in the wetland. The leaves and stalk are usually cooked in coconut milk. Aside from the leaves, stalk and root, (taro) there is a sprout that grows up to about 16 inches long and this can be harvested before it grows to a new plant. This sprout is a delicious vegetable and nutritious too. I haven't seen many of these sprouts in the market today. If you leave the sprout alone it will grow into a new taro plant. Taro didn't need care; it just grows and multiplies on its own.
    One of the coconut lands is also planted with giant elephant ear plants, (member of the elephant ear family) which the natives call it "palawan". The root is edible and looks like a giant taro, but the taste is different. One root is so big it can feed a whole big family. Both taro and palawan didn't need extra care.

    Coconut Land with a Creek

    The family also bought a coconut land with a creek full of fish. If you want to catch some fish while you're sleeping all you have to do is prepare bamboo poles attached to fishing line with bait on it and leaves the bamboo poles standing in the mud overnight. Early in the morning you collect the fish. Sometimes the family would go fishing on the creek with their fishing rod and bait.

    Sweet Potatoes under the Coconut Trees

    During the coconut harvest season, the whole family was busy for about a week. After that, there was really not much to do except plant more vegetables and take care of the animals. The carabaos have to be moved to a shaded area and to a grassy location so it can eat. The family planted one of the coconut lands with sweet potatoes. This is a very hardy plant and grows under partial sun or shade. The leaves are delicious and the root itself is very nutritious. Nothing is wasted in this plant.

    There were not many people living on this coconut plantation, only about 6 houses far apart from each other. The family, however, continued to buy more land when they could afford it. I would say that they had a great life even if they didn't have enough money. The farmer and his wife continued to live and work on the coconut farm. The children grew up, got married and moved. Later on, when they became older, both the farmer and his wife had to move to the nearby town. One reason was that the road going to the coconut farm was not accessible by vehicles, and it would be impossible to travel fast in case of emergency. Another reason is they wanted to be close to their children. Some of the children of the family moved far away and all they can remember now is how beautiful life was on the coconut farm in the Philippines

    Wednesday, September 8, 2010

    Creating a Blog Site - on Legitimate Internet Business

    What is a Blog?
    The word blog is derived from two words: Web and Log. A blog is just like a diary on the Web which we can update anytime we have something new to write or display. There are many legitimate Internet businesses as well as many scams. Sometimes it's difficult to know which is which. Today's economy is hard and to be parted from your hard earned cash is not an option. It's better to be safe rather than sorry. It is confusing when you surf the Internet and find so many sales pitches, claiming that they are the best business opportunity.

    My recommendation is to start with a free blog site.

    Blogging is also a legitimate Internet business. You can start building a business from a free blog site. This doesn't require money to start, but it does require creativity, hard work, and writing ability. There are many articles that you can read about writing and how to write. One place to search for these articles is hubpages. You will find many articles about writing at hubpages. People nowadays are sharing almost all that they know on the Web.

    Choose a free blog site.

    If you don't have a blog website yet, it is easy to start one. I would suggest either or which is my website. It is very easy to set up a blog at, even if you don't have many computer skills. If there is something you don't understand you can always go to Google forum and ask questions and some experts will try to help answer your questions.

    Earn Money from your free blog lets you earn money from your free blog site. Blogger offers monitization of your website through Google Adsense and Amazon Associate program. You will earn income depending on how you advertise your site or drive traffic to your new blog site. The more traffic your website gets, the higher your income.

    In order to use Google Adsense you will have to apply and once approved you will receive your publisher ID. You will have to apply for an Amazon Associate ID as well. The application can be done right inside inside the blogger's website. After you set up your free website you will be taken to the control panel. Inside you will see a "Monetize" button and if you click that you will see Google Adsense and Amazon buttons. If you have no Adsense and Amazon ID yet, just click the buttons to apply. Just follow their step by step instructions. Your website needs a lot of traffic for you to earn money, so you will have to advertise your website by creating backlinks, joining forums and use your URL as signature when you post in the forum. Joining social media like facebook and twitter will be a good help also. Submit your blogs to blog directories and subscribe in RSS feeds.

    Creating a free blogger website

    Using Google Account:
    1. Go to Blogger homepage and click "create you blog now" button. Type your Google account password and check the "Acceptance of Terms" box. Read the Terms of Service.
    2. Display Name field- this is where you fill a name that you want to use for display on your blog profile. If you don't want to use your real name, you can make up a name that you want to use.
    3. Click continue- next is "Naming your blog."
    4. In the "Blog Title" field type the name of your blog. This name will appear on the very top of your website. This should consist of your main keywords, so your website will be easy to find by the search engine.
    5. In the "Blog Address" field you will type the URL for your website. (example: Then click the "Check Availability" link. If it's not available, try another domain name and check again until you come up with the available URL.
    6. Click continue.
    Now you have just created your free blogger website. You will see a Congratulation screen. If you have already prepared an article, you can start posting.

     Think of a good topic to write that is related, to your website title and domain name. You could start with about 400 words but, if you can, make it longer. You need to use keywords in the title of your post, in the first sentence and in the last sentence of your article. It is better for the search engine if you type the keywords in bold print. Do not use many keywords in one article as it will sounds like spam to the search engines. Now that you have created a blog you need to concentrate on writing good contents, so it will be indexed by Google as soon as possible. It is also good to start promoting your website and create backlinks to place in other sites.

    Saturday, August 28, 2010

    Finding a Legitimate Internet Business Opportunity

    As time goes by, the search for a Legitimate Internet Business is getting more and more difficult. It has been the main goal of so many business-minded people all over the world during the last two decades.

    In the early 90's, the internet was still in its blossoming stage. Even at that time, people were looking for a good, legitimate Internet business. Many people, including myself, were amazed at how powerful the internet was and what it could do for us.

    We have heard many stories about how easy it was to make real money on the internet. There are those stories about people who sold books online from their basement and packed the books by themselves, thinking that they were just starting up and could do the work very easily. Never expecting the power of traffic and without the slightest idea of what was going to happen, suddenly, boom!, here comes an avalanche of people ordering books from their website, something that they have not seen before. I have known this story for many years, and I am sure you have heard this too.

    I used to surf the internet and found many business opportunities. These were very interesting for me, and at the same time very confusing because of so many business ideas.

    I did not know much about computers then, even until now, but the internet has continued to fascinate me. There was a time when I enrolled in a short computer class, ( those were the COBOL days) but unfortunately was not able to finish it because of my work schedule.

    Now I realize that knowledge is very important. The internet is always changing, new things come, some things go, and we should be able to learn as quickly as possible to keep up with change.

    If you do not understand something related to what you want to accomplish, then you are stuck, unable to move forward, and you will feel that it is the end of the line for you. So, many people fail in their internet business because of the lack of knowledge and understanding of technical matters necessary to succeed online. For how can a person solve peoblems if he does not understand the situation?

    Although there are many types of software on the market nowadays that can help us to work easier, faster, and more effective, there is no substitute for knowledge and continued learning.

    If you have limited financial resources and technical knowledge to start a Legitimate Internet Business and you do not know where and how to start, I suggest the following:

    • Borrow books from the library and read them. ( Books about search engine optimization, affiliate marketing, blogging, internet business, computers, etc.)

    • Do some research on the internet for free ways to start a business. ( e.g. starting a free blog site).

    • Join forums, ask some questions, and read the advice of the experts. Many of whom give excellent advice.

    • Read other peoples blogs and contents of their websites and give them good comments.

    • Make a list of websites, authors, blog sites, tools, etc. that you think are useful for future use.

    • Start writing down any ideas that comes to mind, so you will not forget any good ideas that maybe useful.

    • Join as many social media as you can and build contacts.
    There are many legitimate internet businesses out there but first we must get ourselves ready and gain more knowledge before we start.

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