Sunday, November 14, 2010

8 Legitimate Internet Businesses That You Can Start

There is so much information on the Internet about money-making ventures but what we are looking for here is to find a legitimate Internet business or any legitimate way of making money online at a minimal cost.

Here I Will Mention 8 Legitimate Works From Home Opportunities:

Taking Surveys - There are some legitimate survey sites that you can join for free. I wrote another article about free surveys. These sites will pay you for your time spent in taking surveys. You will not get rich by taking surveys because it doesn't pay much. But if you want an extra income you could try survey. Beware of other surveys that only want e-mail and personal information harvesting, and mainly for product promotion. A genuine survey should be mainly for product evaluation.

Article Writing - If you have a passion for writing there are many places on the Internet that pay you for every article you write. This is good if you need instant cash. Some have Google ad sense impression revenue sharing plus Amazon, Kontera, Chitika or eBay affiliate programs which will pay you for clicks and sales. This is a good passive income because, the more you write in a certain company like Hubpages the more you will earn a passive income from all the affiliate programs on your page.

Selling Products Online - This is the original business that people did a long time ago and never goes out of date. A long time ago there was this bartering or exchange of goods. People always buy new things. Things break, get lost, or just expire. People change; children grow, teens turn into young adults, then from adults to middle age, then to seniors. In every change people need new things. It is a continued cycle. So selling products online is one of the most profitable businesses thereof.

Affiliate Marketing - This has been a craze during the past 2 decades. Selling and promoting other people's products and promoting other people's business. This is a very profitable Internet business if done right. There is a higher commission here. That's why the market is saturated. It seems many people want a share of the big bucks.

Consulting Business - If you are an expert in a certain field, you could start an online consultancy business such as Divination, Wedding Planner, Web technology, SEO and affiliate marketing mentoring and others. This can be done online and offline too.

Industrial Cleaning or House cleaning Business - This can be started online but done offline. Because of the Internet it is easier to locate customers that you normally can't get offline.
Home improvement business - similar to cleaning business, the actual job is offline, but you can start online to find more customers.

MLM - there are some legitimate MLMs to join but this kind of business is best to join when the business is new because you will be at the top level. If you work hard you could earn a very good residual income. But if you join late and many people have already joined I think it will be a little bit difficult to build your down line. Having said that, remember that children grow, teens become young adults, so they are your new customers.

If you just take your time and do some research you will find many legitimate opportunities on the Internet. It is not easy to earn money. All the opportunities will require hard work. If you are willing to work hard and be persistent then you can be one of the successful people in the Internet business world.

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