Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Monetizing Your Website or Blog With Skadoogle

What is Skadoogle?    

Skadoogle is a software that can help monetize your website or blog by using Paydotcom and Clickbank products. Tim Brechbill and Ron Davies are the pioneers of this incredible software called Skadoogle. For me this is one of the legitimate Internet business that I'm trying to find and share with you. So far, since I joined this company, all I can say is praise and hope it will remain this way. It's kind of a funny name and I always mistype it as google instead of doogle, but a fantastic product that they came up with - Skadoogle.

I joined this company about one month ago and I like the information mall. It is loaded with Clickbank and Paydotcom products and are available right at your fingertips. What can I say except "Super." You will have your affiliate link embedded in your mall. I place a link to my "My Information Mall" which is located at the upper right hand corner of the page. You can also take a tour to the Mall and click below:

I would like to mention some of the features of the software:
  • Skatweets is my favorite. This allows you to tweet the products directly from Skadoogle to twitter. And if someone likes the product that you just tweet then you will get commission, a very convenient and faster way to do business.
  • Supply of free monthly articles that you can use for your business promotions.
  • And of course my favorite mall where you will find abundant of information products to sell.
  • There are lots of tools that will help you succeed in the business. Plus there are many more benefits that are offered to you even if you're a free member.
  • There is Niche100, Rss, and Video training.


There are few ways to join. First you can join for FREE if you want, you will still get commissions
even if you are a free member although at a lower rate and lesser benefits. And there is paid membership which you earn higher commissions and residual income, like the silver, gold and ultimate member. The ultimate member has the highest residual income. If you are an active marketer, I think ultimate member is the way to go.

Take a tour on the Skadoogle website and read all the benefits and advantages. Every months there are free articles you can use. There is also Link Sense that will automatically link keyword on your website or blog to clickbank and paydotcom products thru Skadoogle. Don't waste time, grab the opportunity to be a member of Skadoogle and start earning commissions.

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