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Hi I am Carmel, or you can call me Peoney.Welcome To My Website! This is my very first blogsite. I hope you enjoy navigating Internetbiz-usalife. I share with you things that I experienced along the way in finding a legitimate Internet business, a home based business that most of us are searching for. 

In this site I also link Information Mall where you find all kinds of digital information products in various categories. If your looking for any info products to use in your online business just visit Information Mall located in the navigation bar.

I am also on the lookout for some money making ideas, software, website, or any information that can be helpful for us to make extra income on the Internet. And of course there are some Stories to tell too.

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the road

It is October 2010 and over the past 2 months I have been writing for Hubpages.com and although I am not really a professional writer I manage to write a few articles and enjoy writing too. I invite all of you to join Hubpages and start writing articles and this could make you earn a passive income through Google Adsense. Amazon, Ebay and Kontera. The more you write article the higher is your chance to earn more money.

The Ad impressions are spilt between you and Hubpages, you the publisher-60%, Hubpages-40%. If visitor clicks either Adsense or Kontera ads, you the publisher or the author of the page will get 100% of commission. You will also get 100% of the Amazon commission if someone buy the products.

There are many topics to write that will attract ads that pay more, such as financial, real estate, cars, mortgage, travel and others. So when people click the ads you'll have a higher commissions.

There is also a referral program. When you refer someone and she or he becomes a Hubber within 30 days, you recieve an additional 10% of their Hub's lifetime impressions. You can always refer to FAQ at hubpages for a complete revenue sharing information.

So these are the good reasons why you should join Hubpages and start making extra money. 

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