Thursday, October 27, 2011

Top 3 Article Rewriter and Spinner

My 3 Favorite Article Re-writer and Spinner

To speed up rewriting of articles it is smart to use a good article re-writer and spinner software such as the Best Spinner. Many people have used the software as it is one of the best re-writer on the market. Many people also have testified that it was indeed the best re-writer at some point. Lately new spinner and re-writers emerged and seems that they have also great features just like the Best Spinner or maybe even more. 

Spinner Chief is one of the latest article re-writer and spinner that I know of today. I must say that the big difference between this and other spinner is that it offers free option. You can use the software for free using the basic features of the software. The Free version of the software is good enough to rewrite and spin your articles. Pro options has a lot more features. But using the free option would be enough if you just want to rewrite articles. The Pro version has a lot more features such as directory submissions, article scraper, SEO writing, swap paragraph and many more.

Spinner Chief article re-writer and spinner have 5 versions such as the Free, the Professional, the Cloud thesaurus version, the Pro and Cloud and finally the Elite Version. The Cloud thesaurus version has a very large database of thesaurus. The Elite version is a combination of all and it also include the Tips Plug-in, the SK plug-in, the Miracle thesaurus, video scraper and picture scraper which are not included in the other 4 versions. Elite has the complete features to really boost your article rewriting and spinning projects. Elite version is excellent for people who owns number of blogs. So I highly recommend Spinner Chief. This is really great tool for even the Free version do an excellent job.

Another new article re-writer and spinner is the Spin Re-writer software. This one has the ability to actually understand the text and suggest the meaningful synonyms. It has a growing collection of thesaurus, the more it is used, the better it will become. It can spin paragraph, sentence and phrase level. This could be the most intelligent article re-writer and spinner at this time. The functionality is comparable to Spinner Chief Elite Miracle thesaurus which is also very good. Spin Re-writer isn't cheap because there is an option of monthly recurring fee or an annual fee. There is however a 50% launch discount and good only for the first 2000 user. 

So basically these are my 3 favorite article re-writer and spinner. I am currently using the Spinner Chief but I did try the Best Spinner and learned how it works. I am also considering Spin Re-writer because it would be awesome to use this tool based on what I can see on the Demo Video, it is almost like a human mind. Many people have been waiting for something like Spin Re-writer features that can understand the meaning of the word within a sentence.

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