Sunday, October 17, 2010

Readbud: Read and Rate Articles and Earn Money

      What is Readbud? Get paid by reading and rating articles.     

Readbud is a website that offers to pay you for reading and rating articles. I found this website more than a week ago and I thought it would be a good idea to share my experience with you. I recently joined Readbud and have read more than 100 articles and some of them are very interesting and I enjoyed reading them. Of course some were not as good as the others. Either way you are paid by reading and rating them. 

Sometimes I read around 15 articles in one login. And then it would say no articles at the moment and come back later. Sometimes when you come back later there are more articles to read. As of now I can only get about 1 dollar or a little more than a dollar per day reading articles. I know it’s not much but I also enjoy reading some of the articles that have useful information. This is actually good for students who want to earn extra money for school at the same time learn something from the articles they are reading. Before you read an article it will show you how much the pay is and after you read the article you will see the amount added on the upper right hand corner. You have to read and rate the article before going back to the main window.

I have read somewhere on the Internet that said Readbud is a scam, but I wouldn't say this is a scam and it's too early for me to decide whether it is a scam or not. All I know is I am enjoying reading these articles and getting paid for it. Advertisers pay Readbud to advertise their products through contents links as you can see when you are reading the articles, and so Readbud shares to the readers the advertisement revenues.

The rewards that you will receive depends on the length of the articles. The longer the article the higher the payment, from 1 cent up to .20 cents per article that you read and rate.

These are some of the benefits of joining Readbud:

  • Free to join and a simple joining process. 
  • International availability
  • It shows you the amount they are going to pay you before you read the article.
  • It pays through paypal
  • You can redeem the money when you reach $50.
  • You have the opportunity to choose your topic interests, a maximum of 50 topics out of 191 topics to choose from so you will have the opportunity to receive more articles to read.
  • Referral program- you can refer friends and family and earn $5 for the first redemption they make. If you refer 100 friends and relatives you will be paid $500.
  • An affiliate program is available- you will earn $5 for every first redemptions made by a member you referred. If you refer 1,000 people you will be paid $5,000. 

The only disadvantage that I know of is the number of articles that are given. Sometimes you want to stay on the computer to read more and get paid more but it runs out of articles, but you can always come back and login for more. This is understandable because I think it would depend on their advertisers too. If they have more advertisers then I think they will have more articles to read and rate.

If you want to join Readbud just click HERE. It's free. Enjoy reading and get paid!

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