Sunday, September 9, 2012

Using Article Marketing The Right Way

By Brent Peterson

Even though article marketing is quite simplistic in its basic form, using article marketing effectively to promote your business can be a little tricky. While SEO and SEM marketing might be your eventual goal, writing articles and publishing them is a great way to bring readers interested in your particular niche to your website.

While many people think that article marketing is as simple as just writing an article and somehow getting it published, when was the last time you wrote a report in excess of 500 words? How long would it take you to write an article that captivates readers and makes them want to read more? Most of us haven't written anything in excess of 500 words or more since our college days, but this is just one aspect of article marketing that causes many business owners to stumble when they first get all excited about promoting their business through article marketing.

Article marketing is a pillar of good search engine optimization and it is often the gasoline that fuels most successful SEO campaigns. Good articles for your customers to read with links back to your website are the path to good search engine rankings. At the same time, when done correctly, well written articles be helping your customers and building trust with your readership. Search engine ranking might only be a side benefit of launching a article marketing campaign.

While article marketing can help your SEO, it can also hurt your business and your website if you're not careful. Some internet marketers and SEO companies use poorly written articles published to questionable websites. The thought behind this is that more is better. The more articles that you have out there with more links back to your website, the more it will help your website's SEO. Ironically, fewer high quality articles published on sites that hold some authority in your niche are actually the way to go, as well as being a solid long term strategy. Poor articles on junk websites can drag your own reputation in the eyes of search engines down.

A really powerful marketing campaign using articles needs to include many different factors. Articles that are crafted with a good title that leads to interesting and informative content that captivates your reader with a closing that makes your reader want to visit your website is the way to go. Technical elements like latent keywords, keyword density and other forms of optimization come into play when you are writing an article for a marketing campaign for your business. Overall readability is crucial though and actually is more helpful in the long run for both search engine optimization and when it comes to marketing your business online.

Getting your article into the hands of publishers that have websites with the readership that you're looking for is the key to successful article marketing. Doing guest blog posts and getting your article syndicated is a surefire way to use article marketing successfully to promote your business.

If article marketing interests you I suggest that you give it a try. You know your subject matter better than any hired writer. It might be difficult to write the first few articles but in time, writing articles will become second nature. If you have at least a high school education and you can remember how to write a short report then you can become successful at article marketing. You can promote your own business using this free method that is the basis of any good online marketing campaign.

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