Saturday, September 8, 2012

Making Your Copy More Compelling With Benefit Bullets

By Brain Musty

It is true that copywriting can almost come across as being deliberately misleading. Reading a piece of sales copy is almost a laugh since there are no big words or hard concepts to understand. The really big moment of truth is writing sales copy that has to sell a product or service. Consider that even the pros sometimes totally flop with a piece of copy, and that should give you an indication. Once you sit down and stare at a blank Word document, then the reality of it all hits you between the eyes.

Bullets are generally used to highlight the main benefits of a certain item that's being marketed. You can see how this can be effective. Yet if the reader has to read a lengthy list, he or she may get bored. Shorter lists are much better, and more than around seven is counterproductive. You don't have to limit yourself to one set of bullets, as they can be good to have throughout your copy. Your bullets will be noticed by readers who aren't through readers but who simply scan the material. Your copy is also more readable when it has ample white space, and bullets contribute to this.

You may have heard that copywriters like to use words that are meant to affect the way a person thinks. But of course they use them skillfully, so it is not just a matter of using them but how you do it, too. So if you are thinking about how to use them with benefit bullets, then that would be a good line of thought. Since you may have a lot of bullets, then bringing those phrases more out in the open becomes important. The way to draw attention is to do something like making them bold, but you want to be sure you only do this with the trigger words and where it is best. Moderation is always a good idea with most things, and this is a case where it is a good idea.

When you do your benefit bullets, make sure each one is no more than two sentences. It is in your best interest to make sure that, if there are two sentences, they are short. Visitors will be able to scan your content much more easily if they can see benefit bullets throughout the text. The bullets will serve to tap into their emotions, and capture their attention in that way. But they will be scanned first as they are written to be quickly scanned. Then you can place other devices such as bold or highlighted trigger words to slow them down. The use of benefit bullets have many entire strategies built around them, something you should research even more.

What you want to do is use the font functions like italics and making words bold, etc. Use all of them in moderation and avoid making your copy look like a carnival. All I wanted to do is give you some ideas for making your trigger phrases and benefit bullets capture attention. The reason this is important is because people are crazy skimmers and scanners, and using font devices helps to break that up. You will know when you have used them in excess because it makes the copy look crowded and busy. If you want to really do well with writing headlines and benefit bullets, there is one strategy or technique that you should try to use right now. Anytime that you go to the store, you will see tabloid headlines and magazine covers that have very interesting copy. You find yourself drawn in like a magnet, simply because of the words that they have used. Though they are short, to use words that draw you in - you need to study them! Paying attention to these headlines can really help with benefit bullets, since the techniques that they use are very similar.

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