Monday, July 16, 2012

Why JQuery Is Better Than Flash

By Fiona Lopez

With stiff competition currently pervading the global business context, many business entities are becoming more aware of the need to defy the limits of marketing and advertising. Today, widening audience reach is no longer just a pragmatic promotional strategy, it is already a growing necessity.

To guarantee a successful endeavour on the Web, you must have formidable knowledge of the vital essentials of website design and development. When you equip yourself with a careful mesh of adequate planning and meticulous decision-making, then you have greater chances of attaining success.

Perhaps one of the most common issues in the web community that you must get to know is the infamous rivalry between jQuery and Flash. Although these two showcase excellence in their own right, web analysts can't help but compare and contrast these two platforms in two major areas of concern: web design and SEO. Although flash holds a vast array of features that jQuery can't seem to handle, most IT professionals and web specialists still prefer the flexibility of Javascript.

Many online analysts concur that the competency of Flash revolves around its ability to put emphasis on rich media applications, mainly 3d animation and vector art. Despite this knack for heavy media, Flash fares poorly in compatibility. Flash-based website designs normally take more time to load and encounter compatibility difficulties. Unlike the limited compatibility of Flash, Javascript, on the other hand, creates pages that are supported in various types of browsers including the browsers of iPhones and other mobile phones.

Scrutinising both platforms for SEO Marketing, it's easy to say that jQuery is better than Flash. Why is this so? Because Flash isn't so text-friendly. As flash-based websites aren't text-friendly, it's more difficult, not to mention impossible, for online marketers to optimise web pages using interesting SEO content. Flash gives no room for keywords, keyword phrases, and of course SEO! Where Flash is weak, Javascript framework finds its strength. Programmers can take advantage of several jQuery plug-ins to make web pages not only crawlable but also search engine friendly.

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