Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Listjoe Ideas - Testing Ad Copy and Landing Pages with Listjoe

By Andrew Gregory Smith

Internet Marketers know the importance of testing, fine-tuning and tracking important elements of their sales and marketing funnels. Tiny enhancements may have a significant effect in the long-term and no sales funnel is ever perfect! In this article I will explain how Listjoe could be used to develop killer advertisements and high converting squeeze pages!

In a previous article I explained how Listjoe can be used to connect with up to 85,000 people every month, sending offers and inviting them to your website. I continued to show that if just 5% of those people chose to visit your website then that would account for 4250 new, unique visitors each month. But how can these visitors be used to offer intelligence on what is working and what isn't in your marketing and advertising funnel?

Each time you send out a Listjoe message you will be inviting other members to visit your website, or check out an offer of some sort. In the back-office of Listjoe you may track the success rate of each personal advertisement, as the system provides a real time report of click through rates, along with other helpful information. The report will explain what message you sent, when you sent the message, the number of people you sent it to, the number of people clicked the link in your advertisement and the percentage of people clicking through. This information is priceless! You're likely to find that many advertisements attract better click through rates than others and you can use that information to develop killer advertisements!

I recommend split testing 2 adverts by sending them on the same days and same times in two consecutive weeks. The ad that performs greatest will be kept for the next round of split testing and the other could be discarded. Repeat this process with the top performing ad against a different ad which has been changed in a way. It could be another title and same e mail content, or the same title and different e mail content. Change one parameter at a time until you see changes in results and then change a different parameter. Do not ever stop testing, tweaking and tracking! This is the key to writing killer advertisements and learning how to write high converting ad copy.

Next up are your landing pages! Higher click through rates are excellent, but that only gets more people onto your site. What if they do not like what they see and do not purchase your product or opt-in to your list?

We have just looked at split testing for your adverts and now I am going to describe how to test capture pages too. The procedure is the same! You can use the information from Listjoe to report how many visitors a mailing has attracted and from that you may then work out what proportion your capture page has transformed into leads (new opt-in subscribers, divided by clicks, multiplied by 100). It is vitally important that you record this information in a spreadsheet, as it will tell you how effective your website landing page is. Split test two capture pages, compare the results, keep the higher converting page and throw out the other. Ensure that you change 1 parameter each time and track the results.

Ultimately you will be learning how to write high converting ad copy, high converting capture pages and high converting sales pages. This is a skill which will help you significantly in your business and Listjoe may offer the intelligence to enable you to do this, without already having a highly trafficked site.

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