Thursday, July 26, 2012

One test about hostings and Search Engine Optimization influence

By Abel Pardo

The simplest way to develop a test about hosting

It's often been said that hosting location is crucial for S.E.O purposes. Like we don't know this fact, and I don't know at all, and I have read everything about it, we're developing a test for it at the moment.

The test I develop is based in three main hosting servers. First one is based in the United States and it happens to be one of the gigantic firms in this area, with a high promotion in the net.

I have 1 or 2 webs hosted in USA and they're really fast and accurated. Many of them are targeted in America, other ones in Spain.

The webs reached high ends up in SERPS in several nations and different languages. IP location isn't as robust as someone can think about. This is Marketing.

Languages: it matters

Between the languages, Spanish and English are the commonest ones.

My new supplier is in Lithuania, Western european Union. There are similar conditions in MySQL information bases, times of access, and all the other traits. I can transfer one of my webs from other different host and let's see what happens. Lithuania is not The United States nor Spain and they do not talk English nor Spanish as national language.

Digital marketing in both will be similar, and the difference will be location. Sites have been tracked for finding best SERPs in Google, the larger search website in The United States, and Europe.

I got one or two data from my hosts in the United States for websites whose main market is Spain, and in Spanish language. Also , I have other ones whose market is USA and American English is the major language.

You have to focus on your objectives and then act

My aim is to know what happens when your net server is out of those nations and in a newer one whose language isn't English, American English, nor Spanish.

When we are developing some secrets, we all know everything about internal SEO and plenty about external SEO but the proven fact that makes the difference are small things.

- Are hosting locations a particularly fascinating thing for developing projects?
- Is it enough to get a .es, .fr or .us for global campaigns?
- Is the hosting placement a unambiguous factor?
- Does language matter?

In a few weeks, all the solutions to these questions and, eventually, the results. Let's see if it's interesting to find your hosting in a different place or not for SEO purposes and strategies.

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