Friday, July 27, 2012

Effective Offline And Video Marketing For Freelancers

By Norieva Townsend

With many of your waking hours devoted on the internet, it's very likely that you are directing most your marketing initiatives on the internet, like video marketing, to advertise your business too. It is second nature and never a totally bad routine.

After all that is where the majority of your market is. But, as a freelancer, you should also gain from offline marketing and advertising gimmicks that have, continuously, proven themselves to make income. Here are some of the most effective.

Discuss your freelance business. The word of mouth strategy is yet to see the day when its appeal has lost its money-making power. For the moment though, it still ranks high among the most powerful advertising strategies there are. Moreover, word of mouth marketing is extremely affordable. You just need to develop ways to spread the word regarding your freelance business or service quickly and you can already create a base market and some new customers on the side. There are lots of ways to do this type of offline marketing. The most effective and the simplest would be to discreetly spread the word by speaking with people directly.

Whether you are at a coffee house, in a supermarket, a library or a hardware store, you can casually promote yourself as well as your freelance business. Expect to have no boom outside your local clients though because this kind of advertising seldom go nationwide. Except if you've used strategies which can pass on the word on the national level.

Perform some networking with some other freelancers. Creating your clientele by networking is definitely among the easiest to do both online and offline. In the internet, if you know a person who is in the exact same field as yours, make an effort to connect with him by means of professional networking sites. That easy. Exactly the same principle can be applied in an offline environment. That person you know may have heard another someone who's got lots of connections within your industry. Try to check into events and parties which may grow your network.

Advertise yourself and your products or services in free local newspapers and magazines. It's cheap and effective. You will likely have to pay some to have your advertisement placed on free newspapers and magazines, but whatever dollar you dole out will surely come back tenfold in the form of wider networking, new clients, and larger pool of potential clients.

Expand your advertising money to billboards as well as other signs.How often have you looked up a billboard or an advertisement sign and really have been made aware of a brand new company, product or service? If you can manage to post an advertisement through a billboard, you can broaden your market greatly. Offline marketing by means of billboards and signs may bring in new business to your online business. If you've got the cash to devote for this kind of advertising, you may as well use it.

Hand out your business cards. Nope, business cards have not died yet. Actually, they're a lot more effective nowadays than they were about ten years ago. While business cards can just contain info about your kind of business and some contact details, today these can also carry your website name, social networking addresses, and some other things which can aid in growing your network to several places.

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