Saturday, December 17, 2011


By Leon Hartley

When it comes to driving traffic to a website, Search Engine Optimisation is a popular tool and can help to drive money to your business and develop and push your website right to the top of Google rankings. Having a website high up in these rankings can really help to promote your company as much research shows that people do not venture far past the first page of search results when they are looking for something specific - for this reason, SEO is big business and growing quickly as one of the most popular IT fields available.

SEO is a popular form of internet marketing, and the growing trend for businesses to develop an online presence has seen it quickly grow and expand as a business. As more and more people turn to the internet as a source of information, the importance of SEO continues to grow and the marketplace continues to be flooded with SEO companies offering new and innovative ways to promote your business on the online marketplace.

Pay-Per-Click is one technique that SEO practitioners use to try and help their clients climb to the top of Google rankings and it is a very simple, yet effective tool, which when used correctly can bring a benefit to all parties. The practice works by asking websites to host small banners or links to your main website and in return, you may pay a small fee towards the hosting website.

Combining this method with SEO utilises a more traditional method of online advertising and can be used to help promote a business's website. Website hosts are contacted to place small advertisements on which users can click through to other websites, the websites then pay a small fee to the hoster in return for their banner display.

Google AdWords are the second provider of PPC and allow users to bid on keywords and then display advertisements that are appropriate to the Google search websites.

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