Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Easy Domain Name Definition

By Jon Johnson

Domain name definition is an important matter for many people who wanted to create their own website. For people who do not really know what domain name is, it is composed of hyphens, numbers and even string of letters. This is used to identify your presence online. One of the best examples is "". They use this domain name to distinguish Microsoft's website.

Always remember that each website in the Internet has its own suffix domain name. This means that it will be based within the organization of the website (e.g. .edu for education and more) or it is the acronym of a particular country (e.g. .ph for Philippines, .hk for Hong Kong). Remember that because the Internet is simply based on an IP address (not in a domain name). This would only mean that a web server must have a DNS or a domain name server. This to translate domains names into IP address the easy way. Well, you have to remember that the Internet is using very complicated mathematical numbers and this is the reason why it is translated to make it "readable" for online users.

If this can be the case you will be able to find unique domain name that can be compatible to your site. You can do this by using Whois look up. Whois is a tool where you can to identify unique domain names. The tools can also help you to know if the name you created is available in the Internet or not. For sure, you can get the services of Singapore web hosting since they also have this effective tool in searching for a feasible and unique domain name.

Now, the next step after searching for an available domain name is to simply register it. All you have to do is to go over at your domain name registrar and authenticate it. In this way, you domain name is registered legally. For your convenience, your web hosting provider can help you with that issue. Singapore web hosting is one of those in which you can avail services with.

Keep in mind that a lot of domain names have been compromised since it is not unique and people who want that kind of domain name are very insistent. The end result here is having a small amount of traffic or no traffic at all simply because the traffic that is intended to your site bounces back to your "double domain name". Well, this I definitely not a good idea. That's why you have to think of a unique and very easy to be remembered domain name.With these relevant ideas of domain name definition, you are ensured in having an effective website since it is visible in the online world.

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