Saturday, December 31, 2011

Appsbar Reinvents Digital Coupons

By Simon Greek

Appsbar already changed how and why individuals build, publish and share professional-level mobile apps and now this quickly expanding startup is revolutionizing how companies make and share digital coupons.

Appsbar these days added appCoupons for companies as an added choice for their free-to-build apps. Now anyone can create and send coupons, incentives, or timely deals straight to their most loyal clients. The AppsCoupon choice can be added to any Appsbar app at exactly where a expanding community of companies are designing, publishing and sharing their own digital coupons.

"The proliferation of smartphones, social networks, and also the community that is expanding out of Appsbar has let us create this perfect, all-new way for businesses to directly make and deliver digital coupons without all of the restrictions and without any from the price," said Appsbar co-founder Scott Hirsch. "Our goal is to give businesses of any size a way to maximize the effectiveness of digital coupons. Now businesses can construct and share AppsCoupon on any social platform, e-mail or mobile database they want.

Digital coupons and mobile apps have turn out to be the very best way for companies to engage and discover clients, and AppsCoupon has emerged as cost-friendly way for companies to provide rewards to their loyal clients. With AppsCoupon there is third-party with which to share earnings -businesses merely create, distribute and interact with their customer directly. As digital coupons grow in popularity, third-party deal providers can take as a lot as a 50% cut as part of their work to spread a wide net to attract clients on behalf of a company. AppsCoupon are created to reward the clients who already have downloaded a companies app, and give total control towards the company.

"We're excited that we're in a position to give businesses a free way to construct and publish their very own professional-level apps - and this new opportunity to eliminate the third-party hassles has given a entire new way for businesses to serve their clients," Hirsch said.

AppsCoupon builds on the calendar, menus, soundboard, graphics and GPS capabilities of Appsbar. Companies can make coupons in real time, at any time, with whatever degree of discount they want to provide on whatever goods they select. Within minutes, a company can alert their clients via their app of long-term or limited time coupons and promotions.

The app user will probably be notified on their mobile phone that a coupon is accessible. With no need to print a coupon, the user merely shows the coupon, either merely presenting the onscreen image at the store or permitting the company to scan the bar code or QR codes that can be added.

AppsCoupon can be added to any Appsbar, which can be built utilizing a MAC, tablet or Computer. As soon as an Appsbar app coach has produced sure the app meets the recommendations of individual app platforms, the app is submitted for approval for anyone to download at no cost at each the Apple App Store and Android Market.

AppsCoupon is added among a expanding suite of Appsbar technologies tools and functions, app store recommendations, and portals to get apps published - all available at no price. With AppsCoupon, exactly the same "wizard" that simplified the app building process for even the least tech-savvy, now walks the builder through adding pages and functions with visual and textual clues at each step. As apps are built page by page, each app becomes much more personalized through limitless combinations of background colors and fonts using the ability to upload images and videos from individual or Appsbar libraries.

AppsCoupon is accessible as a business community-specific tool. Those tools to assist companies get a quick, totally free and efficient presence in app shops consist of calendar event notifiers that deliver actual time or scheduled notifications to app users, and menu functions that permit companies to publish and take orders from a catalog of goods or services. Appsbar's unique form builders give companies a way to deploy consumer service surveys or actual time to-go order forms. The Social Sharing options permit users to share their app with buddies or customers across e-mail or social networks like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

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