Sunday, March 23, 2014

Tips On Effective Banner Advertisements That Work

By Ramzey Shawar

Banner advertising is something that you should try if you are focused upon earning money with online advertising. It used to be extremely easy to make money with this type of advertising, but over the years, banners became ineffective. In the last few years, however, banner advertising is beginning to trend upwards. Many people believe that it has to do with the fact that videos are so popular today.

When you are designing banners, you may have seen some of the newer ones that pop out from the side. You may have been reading an article for quite some time, before they miraculously appeared. Perhaps the banners were at the top of the page, or a pop-up was displayed with a large rectangle 336 x 280 ad showing you something to buy. And if you return to the page at a later time, the advertisements are seldomly the same.

If you have ever heard of a swipe file, this usually pertains to email marketing or creating copy for advertising. Essentially, you are looking at advertisements that have worked in the past, and based upon their performance, by emulating some of that material, you can sometimes have similar levels of success. When looking at banner advertising, the key to succeeding with this strategy is to monitor what other people are using for banner ads for specific products.

The alternative to animated banners is to use text banners, but to succeed with them they must be designed in a certain way. The best way to get the highest amount of clicks is to make sure that your words appear to be highlighted and underlined, just like a regular link. By designing them in this manner, you will be able to generate more clicks as a result of their similarity to traditional links.

The benefit of using banners is that you can become as creative as possible, utilizing even basic marketing skills to generate sizable proceeds from your efforts. Hopefully you will use animated banners and text banners to successfully create a profitable business online, or take an existing business to an even higher level.

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