Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A "how To" Primer For Merchandising Furniture That Pays

By Sally Mop

Do you want a few pointers on how to sell picnic tables on the internet? Don't feel ashamed by needing pointers. Talk to the pointers defined below to help you sell picnic tables on the internet.

Offer a free manual to your website visitors. The best part about this type of content is that once it is produced and put online, it just keeps working for you for years to come. Ask only a name and email address in exchange for downloading the document. Do not ask for too much information, as that may deter people from downloading the document. Use collected email addresses to increase your marketing list and nurture those leads.

Attending events such as picnic tables product shows or conventions can be a great opportunity for networking, promoting your site, and meeting face to face with customers. Be sure to have a decent number of business cards handy and have your website's name prominently featured on your booth.

Monitor your online reputation on a regular basis. Knowing what people are saying about your website is invaluable. Regularly search for your company name on Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Remember that a negative review could appear at any moment. Being alerted to its presence will let you know that it is time to act.

Websites should have several pages. Each page should have a different type of picnic tables product or group of picnic tables. Pages on the website need to be linked with hyperlinks. This will allow your customers to easily navigate your store and it keeps your site neat and tidy. This is very important to selling your picnic tables.

Because of the risk involved, people tend to be on their toes in connection to online buying. If you are looking to succeed, without having to wait too much for the online sales to come, then working on secured online transactions can set the tone for you.

Offer $FREE Expedited and International Shipping as an option. Just adjust your price so it includes the highest price for shipping costs anywhere. Since most buyers love the idea of free shipping right to their door; or if it is a gift, shipped directly to the recipients door.

Make sure that your picnic tables are displayed properly. Use high resolution cameras to click images for your picnic tables and take images from different angles. Describe your picnic tables product clearly in simple words so that the customers understand its features clearly. You need to keep these factors in mind if you want to stay in competition.

Make your website attractive. Prospective buyers will run away from bring sites. No one likes boring places. Be creative so as to make it attractive, and remember "If it does not sell, it is not creative", or at least not creative enough.

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