Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Creating A Loyal Following On Twitter For Profit And Success

By James Steele

Social media is now among the most effective ways for online marketers to gain leads and contacts. One of the most popular social media portals is Twitter. While Facebook may still be Number One, Twitter is, at worst, a close second. If you're marketing anything on the web, you should have a presence on Twitter. What really counts, of course, is having a large number of followers on Twitter. Gaining a large following can be a challenge when you're new to Twitter or not very familiar with how it works. What follows are some trustworthy strategies for increasing your Twitter following in a short time.

Pick your username carefully, and keep it short. It's good to use your own name here, but if you have several different Twitter accounts (for different things of course) this might not be an option. The shorter the name, the better for your purposes here. Any of your tweets that get resent will be clearer if you have a short username. Your tweets can get cut off with a long username, because every character that makes up your name counts, and takes away from what's available for the message. It's also more likely that people will remember a name that's short. If you have a special attachment to a longer name, that's your choice -but otherwise it's best to keep it short.

Your own picture makes the most effective avatar. In case you have multiple accounts on Twitter, you can pick one that best represents you and use your picture for that one. It's your choice, but you will get a better response when you use a real picture. People online are always wary of dealing with the unknown, and a real picture helps them feel that they know you a little. You'll have an easier time gaining new contacts, followers and customers on Twitter taking this step. This way, when people see your messages, they see that you're willing to show your face. Photos are simple to take these days, whether you use a webcam or the camera on your phone.

Remember to tweet often. You might spend lots of time finding people to follow, or trying to create a unique background design. But if you don't put out any tweets, people don't really have a reason to follow you. You don't want your profile to be one of those that follows everyone else, but gives no one else a reason to follow you in return. Writing tweets that make people take notice takes a bit of practice, but if you can perfect this, your followers are likely to increase.

There are all sorts of things that can help you make more money online. Social media increases those options. Social media wouldn't be complete without Twitter. Twitter offers excellent product promotion opportunities, but you can also use it to keep in touch with customers on a positive level. It takes time and effort to build a solid and engaged Twitter following but you can do it. Use the tips in this article to help yourself get a good start on things.

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