Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Why High Conversion Graphic Design Is Necessary

By Bill Feeburg

Lots of commercial artist, web designers and individuals who are involved in graphic design highlight the layout, features and appearance of their work whenever they address prospective clients. While it is important to focus on artistry, ease of navigation and general appearance, it is also imperative for designers and clients to consider the conversion rates of text and graphics.

If the main objective is for the design, logo or website to attract additional customers and increase the profit that the business makes, designers who produce high conversion web design and graphics should be in great demand.

The meaning of "high conversion" should be properly understood. You need to be aware of conversion rates if you want to understand the value of high conversion graphic.

In Internet marketing, "conversion rate" means the percentage of clicks generated by an online advert, picture, random link or any kind of copy or artwork that represents a particular service. To make it easier to grasp, it simply means the number of people who notice a copy or image posted on the internet and then go straight to the website of that business or another page put up by the same business. A conversion rate for web design generally measures the percentage of individuals who buy an item from a site in proportion to the number of visitors that it receives.

To local business owners, conversion is the crux of their trade. Internet marketers know this, but not all graphic designers are aware of this fact. Conversion rates compute the percentage of individuals who are exposed to a link, logo or any other thing representing a business, then take immediate action due to this exposure. Although it is necessary to have appealing images and easily navigable websites, the most important thing is to work towards increasing the conversion rate of whatever services you are promoting.

When companies search for quality graphic design, they are usually on the lookout for one that will effectively communicate the services that they offer or convey a particular message to prospective customers. It is sensible to consider these areas but it is more practical to think about the importance of conversion rates.

For those who desire to know what a conversion rate will be in future, unfortunately this is impossible. However, there is some information for general groups of graphic design. Studies have shown that viewers can be propelled to action based more easily when the see emotional images.

A certain amount of research can also be done on the conversion rates of some designs. It is advisable to test new ads or web images through email to find out the amount of traffic that will be generated. The graphic designer that is to be hired should also be asked to provide some details on the conversion rates of graphics, logos and other designs done in the past.

Checking previous or possible conversion rates before hiring a graphic design professional can help a business to get better results in online and offline marketing. Beautiful images and pages that look very expensive can increase the reputation or credibility of the company. However, it is only when the websites, designs and text turn visitors to customers that the business will be viable.

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