Thursday, March 7, 2013

3 Marketing Lessons You Need To Learn Today

By Glenn Lucas

The only way businesses on or off the net can survive is through marketing that works - so this is why you can get attention. There are very few secrets at all unless it's something that an individual discovered. The one important point about this is to use many methods and not just one or two. But we all make our choices, and this is something you can start doing today if you want.

You need to work on building your opt-in list so that you can continue to benefit from all of the great things that come from successful list marketing. If you follow the practices of just about every online marketer out there, you have set your opt-in box up in the most obvious and prominent location so that everybody else can see and ignore it. Here's something you can test today after you take the time to do it right. Sell a subscription and sell the giveaway you're offering to your opt-ins. If you do not know what that means, set up some pre-sell copy for it or even a short sales letter that talks about them both. Combine them into one piece of copy and see what happens. Then, skip the boring old opt-in box that everybody wants to see and put up a good little ad that is going to make people want to know more about the things that you've got to offer. This isn't an approach that you are probably very familiar with.

If you care about SEO and search marketing, then you'll need to care even more about harnessing the power of social signals in your marketing. Google is the brains of this particular operation and they really want to put social media into their searches. Why they want to do this shouldn't matter to you; what should matter is that you get on board with it. If you want to earn a page one ranking on Google, it is important that you do this. Make sure you learn the details as well as which approaches are best for you to use. This shouldn't be brand new information but it should be good news. It is just that you used to be able to ignore a few things without having to give too much thought to the consequences but you cannot do that any longer.

A different type of marketing area concerns how other perceive you which is your reputation. Hopefully you will never have a need for it, but it's good to know about just the same. If what is said is true, then the best thing is to admit it and try to make it right. So what you need to do is create alerts through your favorite service, and then you will hear about anything that is said about your products or you.

If you like marketing, then you may already have expert knowledge in some areas. Doing this is next to nothing and what you will learn will be impressive. Always work with what really appeals to you, and then learning will become something you enjoy.

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