Thursday, January 10, 2013

Least Risky Best Investments 2012

By Jarrod Gibson

In this shaky economy what are the best investments of 2012? This is indeed valuable knowledge.

When observing investment history there are patterns to be noted

What was most commonly observed from previous investment booms was that a bull market in one asset class was accompanied by a bear market in another important asset class. Precious metals soared in the 1970s, but bonds collapsed. Equities and bonds rose in the 1980s, but commodities tumbled.So basically we have wealth cycles which transfer wealth from one asset class to the other predicting the precise timing of each transfer is key.

Another very important investment is in your financial education so that you can maximise revenue from your investments and make your money work for you in the most efficient way possible. Also paying as little tax as legally possible is a major advantage.Wealth never disappears it is merely transferred, record bonuses were handed out during the 2008 collapse... Would you like to have access to the investment strategies that the ultra wealthy are implementing to increase their wealth untold amounts every year? I can show you where to acquire that resource....

A good investment is to invest in a home business which is quite easy to do these days and the monetary investment is small the time investment is moderate. Stop making your boss rich and start drawing the wealth into your own bank account. We all spend most of our waking hours at work so why not spend that time working for your self? Taking control of your job is taking control of your own destiny...

The most important investment (in my opinion) is investing in your health, the single most important asset you will ever own is your body, thus any investment in your health is money and/or time well spent. What if you were terminally ill and you acquired vast amounts of wealth? What good is money if you are too sick too enjoy it? keeping your body in top condition will keep your mind sharp which will help you to conquer every facet of your life

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