Saturday, August 4, 2012

188 Days Cycle to the Next Mega Earthquake Phenomenon

What is this 188 days cycle to the next mega earthquake phenomenon?

As we are in the year 2012 many people are discussing possible major catastrophe to the world and the 188 days cycle to next mega earthquake phenomenon is just one of the topics that people are discussing. And people have different belief and interpretation of each information and data.

I myself is sceptical when it come to new information. Of course we cannot believe all things that we read on the Internet for the reason that many aren't true or have never been tested. But speaking about the 188 days cycle to the next mega earthquake I was thinking maybe it was just a coincidence once or twice that earthquake will hit every 188 days cycle until the Mexico City 7.4 magnitude that happens on March 20 2012.

After the Mexico 7.4 earthquake happened (March 20, 2012) I found a video in YouTube about this 188 days cycle to the next mega earthquake phenomenon showing the dates of those earthquakes. The video was uploaded in somewhere in 2011 so the Mexico 7.4 earthquake hasn't happened yet. It mentioned that the next mega earthquake would be March 22, 2012. And then suddenly I had goosebumps when I remember the Mexico earthquake which happened March 20, 2012 2 days ahead of the predicted day.

This phenomenon maybe true but I believe that in between this 188 days cycle there are also much lesser earthquake such as 7.0 magnitude and below. Just for example last Feb. 5, 2012 earthquake in the Philippines was felt at 6.9 magnitude 44 days before the much higher 7.4 Mexico earthquake of March 20, 2012. But there are many other places in the world that are least known therefore we can't see it in the news when earthquake happens. So you decide, is the 188 days cycle to the next mega earthquake phenomenon a reality?

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