Saturday, March 17, 2012

Types Of Market Research Surveys

By Alex Walsh

Market research surveys are a great tool for any business. They help to develop understanding of a market by looking at a sample of people within it. The two main types of survey are qualitative and quantitative. The type of survey that is ideal for your business will depend on the sort of information you require.

A quantitative survey is used by a market research agency leeds to find out specific figures. They tend to look at numbers of products or people. For example, the number of people that would buy a particular product or how many have seen a certain advert. This sort of survey can be done via the internet, or with an interviewer either in person or over the phone.

Telephone surveys are used to get a wider understanding of people's motives and opinions. For example, why a person buys something or thinks something. A qualitative survey is usually carried out in person with an interviewer present.

The type of interview method will differ between the two types of survey. A quantitative interviewer sticks very strictly to a set script. Changing the question of a quantitative survey even slightly can greatly sway results. However, in a qualitative survey, the interview process is more fluid. Topics are discussed in depth to gain a wider understanding. In both cases it is important that the interviewer doesn't bias the conversation.

The sample of people you choose is also a significant factor in successful research. It is important to sample within your chosen market. It is also vital that the people in the sample are chosen at random. The size of the sample should be considered carefully. The larger a sample is the more statistically accurate the results become. However, this must be offset against cost.

Your type of business, available funds, and the information you need will all affect the type of survey that is best for you. Market research surveys can be carried out either by your own business or an outside company.

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