Friday, March 16, 2012

How to Get Better Results with Whitehat SEO

By Ed Fry

It's much easier to get a good ranking for your website in the search engines than you might have previously thought. For lots of people, Search Engine Optimization is a real mystery and getting a good ranking feels like rocket science. This is why they look for easy shortcuts that can help them get their site ranked as quickly as possible. They end up trying to employ blackhat SEO methods--methods that are designed to unethically trick the search engines. There are so many legitimate and ethical methods that will help you get the results you want but they don't often get used. Keep reading to learn a few of the unique and useful whitehat SEO methods that will allow you to prove that you can ethically get your site ranked well.

You don't want your website to be penalized so make sure you use clean design techniques. The sort of site design you have plays a role in the ranking you have in the search engines. Don't make things more complicated by employing unethical methods (like doorway pages) or things that are designed to fool the search engines. Predictable and simple--that's what your website design needs to be. Easily navigated and easy to follow are the goals. The more efforts that you put into your site's design, the better it is. It's important that your design be search engine friendly but still professional.

Remember that nothing worthy ever came easy to the person who wanted it. When your efforts are focused on regularly updating your website, you will see that your rankings are rising. It is not uncommon for the search engines to begin taking notice of you before anybody else does. However, this also doesn't mean that you can update your site with whatever content you want. You need to make sure that you are putting in real effort to offer value to the people who visit your website.

Backlinking needs a small book to cover all the major and minor points. But whitehat SEO is much more than that, so you should also build a strong internal linking structure. Look at Wikipedia as an example - it has one the most extensive inner link architecture. You can really set your site apart in terms of SEO when you take the time to make your site linked well internally.

But the number one factor happens to be reliability. In terms of blackhat or even greyhat SEO techniques, it isn't hard to see that choosing ethical methods for ranking your website can help you get the long lasting results that you have always wanted. There's just so much you can achieve out of your site in regards to traffic by taking the simple whitehat route. It might take some more time to see the results you want but, in the end, it's worth it. So go to work and put these tips into action and get the results you want from SEO.

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