Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Ideal Way To Defend A Small Business Versus Theft

By Ronn S Saas

My better half and I have a modest business. We sell specialty cakes on the internet. At first, we were able to operate this venture on our own, but then it began to do really well. So, we made a decision to hire an extra hand.

We did not seem to have a problem with our new hire until a few things in the house began to disappear, like some loose change that I forgot to put away or my husband's expensive pen. To ease our doubts, we obtained nanny cameras for home use.

Nanny cameras are simply surveillance cameras which you could employ to monitor what's happening at home or even in work. They are spy cameras disguised as items typically found in houses or offices. Nobody would think that a camera is hidden within.

A lot of hidden cameras have a built-in DVR that records whatever each camera sees. These can also be linked to transmit the video online so you can check what is taking place even if you are away.

To find out whether or not our new hire was to blame for the disappearing objects, we got three different nanny cameras for three different locations inside our abode. We put a picture frame hidden camera within the living room beside our other picture frames.

An office sign hidden camera was placed in our home office. It is literally a small office signage having a video camera hidden within.

Finally, we added a wall clock hidden camera to our extended cooking area where we do most of the work. With these disguised cameras mounted, we were able to keep an eye on how our new hire behaved whenever we were out meeting customers or doing deliveries.

Our suspicion was eventually confirmed when the office sign hidden camera caught her looking to pick the locked drawer where we put our safe. And we immediately fired her. Purchasing nanny cameras for home security surely safeguarded our small business.

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