Monday, January 9, 2012

Ways To Connect 2 Servers To Operate In Unison

By Carole Hodges

Any link between two or more computer machines is called a network. Generally, networks are used to assist in the sharing of computing resources among a number of users. Naturally, the space between the resources on the network determines the kind of network. There are Large Area Networks or LANs which are usually within the same building or location such as school or hospital. The distance between computers and resources is not very significant. Wide Area Networks span a bigger area which could cover a whole town or city. There are several methods through which computing resources are networked. This will naturally be determined by the kind of network and also the hardware capacities of the machines involved. Network cards, cables, wireless tools are naturally used in setting up the networks.

An equal to same network, is the one where two alike computing resources are networked like in the case of a dedicated server. In this arrangement, the machines will be hosting resources for one another and in several situations every one of them will be hosting resources that are shared among them. You may also want to network dedicated web servers for purposes of backing up data. Apart from the reason for networking your servers, there are various alternatives that are obtainable. The most popular form of link is through a network cable for dedicated servers that are in the same building like a data center.

With this you will get a very safe link between your dedicated servers. It also has an extra benefit as it will not use up extra bandwidth which a very cost efficient alternative.

Dedicated servers that are located far from each other will on the other hand require a different kind of connection. A dedicated leased line is the best choice in this circumstance. It offers the safety of data and provides high speeds. This form of setup is the best for circumstances where the dedicated servers are linked on a WAN. In this situation, using a network cable is not a realistic choice. The networking on dedicated servers being done can be between the main office and a branch in the same town or city. The use of leased line in a similar case will give the company many advantages since they will not only network the dedicated servers but also have extra communication advantages.

Particularly when it comes to configuration and settings, networking dedicated servers needs a level of technical ability. If you are using managed dedicated servers, you will not have a problem as your service provider should easily provide the services you require. On the other hand, the ones who have own hosting will require to find technical assistance if they are not completely skilled in networking. Networking over a dedicated leased line will on the hand more or less engage the provider of the leased line all the time.

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